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Học tập,Luyện thi đại học,Luyện thi đại học khối A,Môn Tiếng Anh khối A1
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Tổng hợp đề thi thử đại học cao đẳng môn Tiếng Anh


Chỉ xem 5 trang đầu, hãy download Miễn Phí về để xem toàn bộ

Tổng hợp đề thi thử đại học cao đẳng môn Tiếng Anh được thuvienmienphi.com đăng tải gồm 5 đề thi kèm theo đáp án để bạn tra cứu sau khi làm xong, giúp các bạn hệ thống lại kiến thức và chủ động ôn tập cho kỳ thi đại học cao đẳng sắp tới gần.
Tổng hợp đề thi thử đại học cao đẳng môn Tiếng Anh  ĐỀ SỐ 1
(Thời gian làm bài 90 phút)
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each group.
1. a. apologize         b. abso
                 c. a
ive                 d. absence
2. a. combine           b. collect                 c. commerce          d. co
3. a. through            b. enough                c. rough                  d. tough
4. a. admiral             b. adventure            c. advertise            d. adve
5. a. club                 b. subtle                  c. climb                  d. doubt
Pick out the word that has the stress pattern different from that of the other words.
6. a. committee       b. referee                 c. employee           d. refugee
7. a. alcohol            b. comment             c. chemical            d. proceed
8. a. appetite           b. architect              c. appreciate          d. arable
9. a. deliberate        b. subsequent         c. frequently            d. consequent
10. a. insight           b. chemist             c. dependent            d. substance
Complete each sentence with the right form of the word in
ackets by circling the co
esponding letter a, b, c, or d.
11. He acted in an extremely (dictate) ______ manner, which made him very unpopular.
a. dictation            b. dictatorial           c. dictate                  d. dictatorship
12. I had to look up the number in the telephone (direction) ______
a. direction           b. directly               c. directory               d. directors
13. Politicians (variety) ______ blame the media if they don't win the election. They're so predictable.
a. variable            b. variety                c. various                 d. invariably
14. This is very (convenient) ______! Can't you practice your violin somewhere else?
a. convenient        b. conveniently        c. inconvenient         d. convenience
15. I would like to show you my latest (create) ______ which I have called 'Boat on a Lake'.
a. creativity          b. creator                 c. create                  d. creation
16. Why does everybody (critic) ______ him all the time?
a. criticize             b. critic                     c. criticism             d. critical
17. They're going to announce their (decide) ______ tomo
a. decision            b. indecisive             c. decide                d. decidedness
18. During the festival (decorator) ______ were hanging from every tree.
a. decorator          b. decorations           c. decorative           d. decorativeness
19. He offered to give me a (demonstrate) ______ of how the machine worked.
a. demonstrator     b. demonstration       c. demonstrate        d. demonstrative
20. We are (independence) ______ on other countries for most of our food.
a. dependent         b. independence       c. dependable          d. dependability
Read the passage and then decide which word (a, b, c or d) best fits each space.
The tourist industry is (21)…………… to be the largest industry. Before 1950 one million people traveled a
oad each year but by the 1900s the figure (22) ………………to 400 million every year.
(23) ………… large numbers of tourists, however, are beginning to cause problems. For example, in the Alps the skiers are destroying the mountains they came to enjoy. Even parts of Mount Everest in the Himalayas are reported to be covered (24) ……………old tins, tents, and food that have been (25) ……………
But at a time when we have (26) …………… freedom to travel than ever before, more and more people are asking how they can enjoy their holidays (27) ……………… causing problems by spoiling the countryside. Now there is a new holiday (28) …………. called "Holidays That Don't Cost The Earth". It tells you (29) ………….. you can help the tourist industry by asking your travel agent the right questions (30) ………….. you go on holiday.
21. a. regarded          b. considered              c. seen                    d. figured
22. a. had risen         b. rose                       c. has risen               d. were rising
23. a. The                 b. Those                    c. These                   d. Such
24. a. by                   b. with                       c. under                    d. beneath
25. a. disposed         b. littered                   c. thrown away          d. launched
26. a. greater            b. bigger                    c. larger                    d. bette
27. a. apart from       b. instead of              c. direction                 d. instruction
28. a. where              b. what                     c. when                     d. how
29. a. before              b. when                    c. as soon as             d. afte

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