TOEIC Reading comprehension test 2 (Level 700-900)

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TOEIC Reading comprehension test 2 (Level 700-900)


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TOEIC Reading comprehension test TOEIC Reading comprehension Test 1 (Level 700-900)
Target Toeic
Bộ đề thi TOEIC trên máy của trường Đại học Ngoại Thương
Building Skills for the New TOEIC Test
TOEIC Reading comprehension test 2 (Level 700-900) gồm các câu hỏi trắc nghiệm đọc hiểu đoạn văn trình độ cao cấp, tương ứng với 700 - 900 điểm. Bài tập có 7 câu hỏi và đáp án đi kèm, giúp các bạn tra cứu hiệu quả. Mời các bạn tham khảo.
Question 1
Pump It
Special offe
Look your best this summer with our state of the art equipment and a tailor-made training program made specially for you by one of our top-rated personal trainers.
If you are having a difficult time getting motivated, Pump It is where you want to be.
With a personal trainer assigned to you, you’ll be placed in a tailor-made program that will make you look your best in just 12 weeks. With our program, you will get the full benefits of …
Our one-on-one support and expert guidance by the top trainers in our industry
The use of the most updated fitness equipment money can buy, including free weights, treadmills, bikes, and even a his and hers sauna.
Ongoing group classes, from aerobics to yoga to dancercise to “abs-butts-thighs” just to name a few
For the time being, absolutely no joining fee and a very affordable monthly membership rate
So come for a free consultation, and get started today!
Don’t miss out!
Offer is good until this Friday
310 St. George Street, Suite 601, Chicago
T: 755-3422 W:
1. Who does this advertisement mainly target?
A. Anyone who failed at dieting during the summe
B. People without much time on their hands
C. Athletes training for upcoming competitions
D. People who need a little nudge at getting into shape
Question 2:
2. What is NOT offered in the advertisement?
A. Continuation of organized lessons
B. Personalized coaching to suit individuals ‘needs
C. Free signup
D. Annual membership discounts
Question 3:
Passage 1:
Prestige Properties now Available
For discerning customers seeking unique properties, the Hills Real Estate Agency is pleased to announce the availabilities of the following residences in the most upscale parts of our city:
Santa Rosa
This beautiful Spanish-style mansion extends over a gently sloping half-acre block. Constructed during the boom period of the 1920s, it has retained many original architectural and historical features while the kitchen and bathrooms have been tastefully modernized. Stunning sandstone contrasts with green lawns and colorful flower gardens, with views of the ocean from the second floor. Call now, to a
ange a viewing.
Warehouse Conversion If you are seeking an open-plan style apartment located in the heart of the vi
ant inner city that is quite and secure with a tranquil courtyard in its heart, this is the property for you. Truly a unique opportunity, this 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, architect-designed conversion can offer tranquility and space for your artistic endeavors or can open up to be the perfect party house. Inspect now.
Victorian Te
They don’t come much more sophisticated than this 3-story Victorian te
ace built in 1885. Located on a wide semi-circular street opposite elegant Victoria Park, the front garden and wide upper-level balcony are bathed in generous sunshine during the winter months while being protected from the wind. A rare opportunity for those who love combining comfortable living with elegant entertaining. A large living room adjoins a magnificent dining area served by a modern kitchen with plenty of bench-space. Three upstairs bedrooms, two with en-suite bathrooms, plus a guest bathroom on the ground floor, complete the picture.
For further information and a
ange inspections (appointment only) please call our office at 965 2254 or 965 2255 or email at
Passage 2:
From: lisa
Subject: Interested buye
Dear Mr. Conne
I was very interested in your recent advertisement. I am seeking a residence that can accommodate an art studio and possibly hold private exhibitions for the work I do. One of the listed places sounds like it could be suitable for my needs. Therefore, I would like to meet with you soon to take a look at the place. Could you please let me know when a good time for you is? I am okay this week except for Wednesday evening. Please get back to be as soon as possible.
Thank so much for your attention
Lisa Brown: 755-1207
3. For whom is this advertisement most likely intended?
A. Newlyweds who are looking for a cozy place
B. People who have financially established themselves
C. Anyone who is looking for a bargain
D. Families with many children
Question 4:
4.Who is John Connor?
A. An architect
B. A real estate agent
C. An artist
D. A history professo
Question 5
5. According to the e-mail, which of the following places will most likely suite Ms. Brown the most?
A. Santa Rosa
B. Warehouse Conversion
C. Victorian Te
D. None of them
Question 6
6. What is the main purpose of the e-mail?
A. To receive information about an art exhibit
B. To set up an appointment
C. To put her apartment on the market
D. To reply to an inquiry she received from the man
Question 7
7. What can be implied about Ms. Brown?
A. She is an artist
B. She buys and sells properties
C. She is interested in taking out an ad
D. She coordinates seminars and conferences for a living
Once you are finished, look at the answer below to check
1. D  2.D  3.B  4.B  5.B  6.B  7.A

Nguồn: thuvienmienphi


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