TOEIC Reading comprehension test 2 (Level 350-500)

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TOEIC Reading comprehension test 2 (Level 350-500)


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TOEIC Reading comprehension test 2 (Level 350-500) có đáp án gồm 3 đoạn văn đọc hiểu và 8 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh, giúp các bạn luyện tập TOEIC Reading sơ cấp một cách tốt nhất.
TOEIC Reading comprehension test 2 Read the passage and choose the co
ect answer:
LONDON – In May, Great Britain’s Home Office, deciding on compensation for a man who served four years in prison for industrial espionage that he did not commit, ruled that he was entitled to about $1.1 million. They sais, however, that he would have to reimburse the prison about $23.000 for four years’ room and board. The outraged Michael O’Brien, age 34, was freed by a Court of Appeal. He said, “They don’t charge guilty people for bed and board. They only charge innocent people!”
1. Who decided that Michael O’Brien should be released from prison?
A. The Queen
B. A group of judges
C. A government agency
D. Popular opinion
2. What has Mr. O’Brien been convicted of?
A. Ro
ing a bank
B. Forging documents
C. Spying on other companies
D. Embezzling thousands from his company
3. The word “commit” in line 2 is closest in meaning to
A. Believe in
B. Profit from
C. Condone
D. Ca
y out
4. What is upsetting Mr. O’Brien?
A. He has to pay back money to the prison
B. He has to pay money to the Home Office
C. He will have more money than he ever dreamed of
D. The authorities never caught the real spy
Passage 1:
Hotel Grandiflor WE OFFER: Table seating for up to 250 guests. A choice of catered meals prepared by our European-trained chefs. Two world-class dance floors.
We also provide on request professional assistance in selecting decorations, music, and seating a
angements. Rooms are available for both midday and evening banquets. Meal options include buffer, 3-course, and 5-course meals. Impress your clients and reward your employees by inviting them to lunch or dinner at the Hotel Grandiflor.
Contact Cathy Chang, Events Manager, or Lois Street, Head Manage
Passage 2:
To: Cathy Chang
From: Georgette Blanc
Subject: Banquet plans
Dear Ms. Chang,
I saw you hotel’s ad in the May 23 issue of the Business Gazette. I am planning the annual employee appreciation banquet for my company, Agrix International, and am interested in the possibility of hosting it at the Hotel Grandiflor.
Our banquet is scheduled for the evening of July 15. We only plan to have half the number of guests mentioned in you ad, so I am sure you can accommodate our numbers. I think a five-course dinner would be too much, but I am interested in discussing with you the other two meal options. Mostly I am concerned about having both vegetarian and meat choices available for our guests.
I am also interested in your professional assistance in planning other aspects of the evening. We would need seating a
angements that are conductive to conversation but that will also accommodate the awards ceremony that is the main focus on the evening. We also would like to have dancing after the meal and would appreciate your assistance in selecting a suitable and affordable band.
Please call me or my assistant, Robert de Luc at 656 555 0987 to discuss a
angements and costs.
Georgette Blanc
5. What is the name of the hotel’s events manager?
A. Cathy Chang
B. Lois Street
C. Georgette Blanc
D. Robert de Luc
6. What is the main purpose of the banquet mentioned in the email?
A. To cele
ate an anniversary
B. To honor employees
C. To discuss business
D. To impress clients
7. When will the banquet take place?
A. May 3
B. May 23
C. July 5
D. July 15
8. How many guests will be invited to the banquet?
A. 15
B. 125
C. 250
D. 500
Đáp án TOEIC Reading comprehension test 2 1. B
2. C
3. D
4. A
5. A
6. B
7. D
8. B

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