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Mẫu đoạn văn Tiếng Anh theo các chủ đề cho trước


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Mẫu đoạn văn Tiếng Anh theo các chủ đề cho trước Exercise 1: I went to the concert last night with my friends…
Dear Oanh,
Thank you very much for your letter which a
ived a few days ago. It was lovely to hear from you. I am so
y, I haven’t written for you such along time because I studied hard to pass the final exam. However, I had agreat weekend more than every when I went to live concerts last night with my friends. Now, I am writing to tell you how the wonderful concert is.
It is the beautiful concert I have ever taken part in with many people and the miracle of sound of piano. As you know, my pianist is Yiruma and in last concert I couldn’t believe that he appeared in my eyes and gave me a big hug after his performance. I also listen a soothing music which is played by him and other professional musicians. Only when I heard his song from the stage I feel anythings around me seem to disappear and I can fly with many stars on the sky to forget all my fears which I suffered before. That is amazing.
Let’s come back to my live concert. It is so cool and until now I can’t forget my feeling about it. Do you often to go live concerts? What kind of music do you like listening to? Who is your favourite singer?
I am glad if you tell me about it in the next lette
I look forward to your reply
Your sincerely
Exercise 2: We had dinner at a new restaurant yesterday. ….
Dear Oanh,
Thank you very much for your letter which a
ived a few days ago. It was lovely to hear from you.
I think the restaurant which you told me in the letter is very interesting. I also like to eat out and I usually go to a restaurant for dinner with my family tiwce a month. Our favourite restaurant is a traditional restaurant in Hang Bong street. It is not big but it is always busy. There are only afew tables in the restaurant and on each table is a vase with lovely flowers. There are plants in the room corners. I usually order the traditional dishes and eat them with rice. For example, fish cooked with sauce, spring roll,…and vegetable and so on. The food is deliciuous so we enjoy it very much. The service is also quick and frienfdly . My family always have pleasant evening at our favourite restaurant.
Shall we go there when you come to visit my family next time?
See you next time.
Exercise 3: Tell me about a teacher from your past
Thank you for our class’ photo you sent me afew days ago. I was so glad to write for you and tell you about my feeling after I receive it.
That photograph made me remember my old teacher who taught us high school. She is slim with along hair and blue eyes. Do you remember her? Our enghlish teacher, her name is Sara. I can’t forget that days when she played game with us in each class and we sang ‘ Anilmal song’ together. I also remember that She was very sad when our class didn’t do homework and we felt so guilty with her. Then we studied Enghlish hard to fix our mistakes and she was so happy. But now she doesn’t still teach Enghlish in Viet Nam. Ha - our classmates said she came back England with her husband. I hope she would come to Viet nam, I will meet her because I miss her so much. What about you? What do you think about her? Have you ever had the old teacher who made you unforgettable?
Please tell me in next letter. I look forward to your reply.

Nguồn: thuvienmienphi


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