Đề thi học sinh giỏi tỉnh Nghệ An năm 2011 - 2012 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 Bảng B

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Học tập,Phổ thông Trung học,Tài liệu học tập lớp 12
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Đề thi học sinh giỏi tỉnh Nghệ An năm 2011 - 2012 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 Bảng B


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Nhằm giúp các bạn chuẩn bị thật tốt kiến thức để làm bài thi đạt hiệu quả cao, Vndoc.com xin giới thiệu: Đề thi học sinh giỏi tỉnh Nghệ An năm 2011 - 2012 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 Bảng B.
Đề thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh: SỞ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO
NĂM HỌC 2011 - 2012
MÔN THI: TIẾNG ANH - LỚP 12 BẢNG A (Thời gian làm bài 180 phút không kể thời gian giao đề)
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
1. A. imagine                B. valentine               C. discipline                D. magazine
2. A. chalk                    B. champagne           C. machine                 D. ship
3. A. boot                      B. shoot                    C. good                      D. food
4. A. husband                B. hourly                   C. honor                     D. hourglass
5. A. measure                B. pleasure                C. treasure                  D. ensure
II. Identify the word whose stressed pattern is different from that of the others.
6. A extensive B. decorate C. distinguish D. acquaintance
7. A. comfort B. nation C. moment D. apply
8. A. astonish B. forgetful C. industrious D. militant
9. A. industrial B. interfere C. develop D. ability
10 A. president B. neighborhood C. suspicion D. temperate
I. Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D.
11. I applied for the job that I saw ______ in the paper.
A. advertising                 B. advertised               C. be advertised               D. being advertised
12. I have no idea how to ______ this kind of business.
A. make              B. turn               C. take               D. run.
13. Our education will help with the ______ of knowledge for the young.
A. rich               B. riches               C. richness               D. enrichment
14. Some drivers, after ______ , annoy their fellow- motorists by slowing down again immediately.
A. passing by               B. overtaking               C. taking over               D. passing along
15. ______ we have finished the course, we should start doing more revision work.
A. For now               B. Now that               C. Ever since              D. By now
16. This is ______ the most difficult job I’ve had to do.
A. by far              B. by chance             C. by all means             D. by myself
17. You can drive my car ______ you drive carefully.
A. unless               B. as long as             C. because             D. although
18. The noise ______ from the boat engine might distu
sea animals.
A. comes              B. came               C. coming               D. has come
19. ______ would have known the answer.
A. Anyone is clever               B. Clever anyone             C. Clever is anyone              D. Anyone cleve
20. _______ migrate long distances is well documented.
A. That it is birds                B. That birds                C. Birds that                D. It is that birds
21. Marine reptiles are known to have a possible life span greater than ______.
A. that of man               B. the man              C. man               D. the one of the man’s
22. Youths have to ______ military service in our country.
A. join            B. make             C. do               D. attend
23. Tom: Don’t forget to come here tomo
ow. ~ Jane: ______.
A. I don’t                 B. I won’t                C. I can’t               D. I haven’t
24. You need more exercise; you should ______ golf.
A. take up               B. take in                C. ca
y on              D. ca
y out
25. I met Jim at college. It was the start of a ______ friendship.
A. long-life               B. prolong                C. lengthened                D. lifelong
26. She said that she could not ______ a new dress on her small salary.
A. spend                B. save                C. afford               D. spare
27. Mary: You were late for your dental appointment.
Ba: I know I shouldn't ______ so long at the li
A. be staying                B. had stayed               C. stay               D. have stayed
28. He retired early ______ his ill health.
A. on behalf of                B. in front of                C. on account of               D. in spite of
29. Giving up smoking is just one of the ways to ______ heart disease.
A. push off                B. ward off              C. put off               D. throw off
30. There was a ______ table in the kitchen.
A. beautiful large round wooden               B. large beautiful round wooden
C. beautiful round large wooden               D. wooden round large beautiful
II. In each of the following sentences, there is ONE word used inco
ectly. Find and co
ect it.
31. The police officer gave some advices on crime prevention at the community meeting.
32. Emmy was determined to succeed and final achieved what she wanted.
33. When they got there, the room was crowded with people and a MP was making a speech.
34. The illiterate in the remote areas has gradually decreased, thanks to volunteer movement.
35. It was in 1971 that transatlantic supersonic transportation became commercially availability.
36. Generally, the child will understand very well which the parents expect, and will fail.
37. Kites vary in size, shape and weight, according to the fancy of its creators.

III. Put the word in the
ackets into the co
ect form.
38. Eating fish and lots of vegetables greatly increases your life (EXPECT) _________.
39. The cash and ca
y price is only $50 but they charge extra for (DELIVER) _________.
40. The ( CONSUME) _________ of petrol is reducing due to the higher tax on it.
41. Everyone has a number of (ACQUAINT) _________ but none has many true friends.
42. He’s studying very hard and, not (SURPRISE) _________, he will have a chance to go a
43. With a good (DESCRIBE) _________ of the criminal, the police were able to find him easily.
44. Unfortunately, the global supply of freshwater is distributed (EVEN) _________.
45. She’s very (PREDICT) _________. You never know whether she’s going to.
I. Read the following passage, and then choose the best answer from A, B, C or D.
Today we take electricity for granted and perhaps we do not realize just how useful this discovery has been. Steam was the first invention that replaced wind power. It was used to drive engines rooms. Petrol mixed with air was the next invention that and was passed through pipes and radiators to warm provided power. Exploded in a cylinder, it drove a motor engine. Beyond these simple and direct uses, those forms have not much adaptability.
On the other hand, we make use of electricity in thousands of ways. From the powerful voltages that drive our electric trains to the tiny cu
ent needed to work a simple calculator, and from the huge electric magnet in steel works that can lift 10 tons to the tiny electric magnet in a doo
ell, all are powered by electricity. An electric cu
ent can be made with equal ease to heat a huge mass of molten metal in a furnace, or to boil a jug for a cup of coffee.
Other than atomic energy, which has not as yet been harnessed to the full, electricity is the greatest power in the world. It is flexible, and so adaptable for any task for which it is wanted. It travels so easily and with incredible speed along wires or conductors that it can be supplied instantly over vast distances.
To generate electricity, huge tu
ines or generators must be turned. In Australia they use coal or water to drive this machinery. When dams are built, falling water is used to drive the tu
ines without polluting the atmosphere with smoke from coal.
Atomic power is used in several countries but there is always the fear of an accident. A tragedy once occu
ed at Chernobyl, in Ukraine, at an atomic power plant used to make electricity. The reactor leaked, which caused many deaths through radiation.
Now scientists are examining new ways of creating electricity without harmful effects to the environment. They may harness the tides as they flow in and out of bays. Most importantly, they hope to trap sunlight more efficiently. We do use solar heaters for swimming pools but as yet improvement in the capacity of the solar cells to create more cu
ent is necessary. When this happens, electric cars will be viable and the world will rid itself of the toxic gases given off by trucks and cars that burn fossil fuels.
46. The author mentions the sources of energy such as wind, steam, petrol in the first paragraph to ________.
A. suggest that electricity should be alternated with safer sources of energy.
B. emphasize the usefulness and adaptability of electricity.
C. imply that electricity is not the only useful source of energy.
D. discuss which source of energy can be a suitable alternative to electricity.
47. Electric magnets are used in steel works to _________.
A. lift heavy weights up to ten tons.
B. test the steel for strength.
C. heat the molten steel.
D. boil a jug of water.
48. The advantage of harnessing the power of the tides and of sunlight to generate electricity is that they _______
A. do not pollute the environment.
B. are more reliable.
C. are more adaptable.
D. do not require attention.
49. The word "they" in the last paragraph refers to _________.
A. harmful effects               B. the tides               C. scientists             D. new ways
50. The best title for this passage could be _________.
A. “Types of Power Plants”
B. “Electricity: Harmful Effects on Our Life”
C. “How to Produce Electricity”
D. “Why Electricity Is So Remarkable”
II. Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D to fill in the gaps in the following passage.
I'm a driving test examiner. I (51) ______ my own driving school for twelve years before applying to become an examiner in 1996. Since I've qualified to examine lo
y and bus drivers and instruct trainee examiners. I estimate that I've assessed 16,000 people and passed around half of them. The first lo
y driver I passed (52) ______ tears. However, the most common reasons for failing are being not ready and being too (53) ______. Inwardly I'm telling the candidates not to do something stupid like pull out into moving traffic, but I'm not allowed to tell them how to drive.
When I (54) ______ my own test I was extremely nervous and had to deal with a very strict and unfriendly examiner. We're taught nowadays to put people at their (55) ______. We pass everyone who's up to standard, but people often present themselves too soon. I've never been offered money to pass anyone although one man asked me if he could make me change my (56) ______. I then (57) ______ him to the police. My ambition is to be a supervising examiner in charge of test contests in a large area.
51. A. possessed                  B. held                   C. kept               D. ran
52. A. burst into                    B. turned back        C. ca
ied on       D. set off
53. A. tight                           B. tense                 C. stretched        D. stiff
54. A. achieved                     B. performed           C. took               D. effected
55. A. rest                            B. ease                  C. peace             D. leisure
56. A. mind                           B. thoughts            C. attitude           D. view
57. A. announced                  B. declared             C. reported          D. notified
III. Fill in each numbered gap with one suitable word.
The Internet has rapidly developed and become (58) ______ of our daily life. It's a very fast and convenient way to (59) ______ information. People use the Internet (60) ______ many purposes: education, communication, entertainment and commerce. The Internet (61) ______ people communicate with friends and relatives by means of email or chatting.
(62) ______, the Internet has limitations. It is time-consuming and costly. It is also dangerous (63) ______ of virus and bad programs. On the other hand, the Internet (64) ______ sometimes have to suffer various risks such as spam or electronic junk mail, and personal information leaking. So, (65) ______ enjoying surfing, be alert!

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