Đề thi học sinh giỏi tỉnh Long An lớp 12 vòng 1 năm 2012 - 2013 môn Tiếng Anh (Bảng B)

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Học tập,Phổ thông Trung học,Tài liệu học tập lớp 12
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Đề thi học sinh giỏi tỉnh Long An lớp 12 vòng 1 năm 2012 - 2013 môn Tiếng Anh (Bảng B)


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Để chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi chọn học sinh giỏi, Vndoc.com xin giới thiệu đến các bạn: Đề thi học sinh giỏi tỉnh Long An lớp 12 vòng 1 năm 2012 - 2013 môn Tiếng Anh (Bảng B).
Đề thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh: SỞ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO 
LONG AN (Đề thi chính thức)
MÔN THI: TIẾNG ANH (BẢNG B) (Thời gian làm bài 180 phút không kể thời gian giao đề)
Ngày thi: 23/10/2012
A. LISTENING: (20 marks) You will hear a short conversation twice. Each question in this part has four answer choices. Choose the co
ect answer(s) A, B, C or D. (There is one question that has two answers). Write your answer(s) on your answer sheet.
1. Why does the woman say it is stressful to choose clothes? (Choose 1 answer)
A. To indicate that uniforms are bad.
B. To give an example of her daily routine.
C. To mention a good point about uniforms.
D. To change to another discussion topic.
2. According to the discussion, what are the reasons schools make students wear uniforms? (Choose 2 answers)
A. Uniforms stop students from wasting time on clothes.
B. Uniforms are cheaper than other clothes.
C. Uniforms designs fit all students in schools.
D. Uniforms prevent students from showing off with expensive clothes.
3. What does the man imply about the students wearing school uniforms? (Choose 1 answer)
A. He thinks that everyone must wear uniforms.
B. He agrees that school uniforms can be a good idea.
C. He thinks that school uniforms are helpful to students.
D. He does not like school uniforms.
4. Listen again to part of the discussion. Then answer the question you will hear. (Choose 1 answer)
A. To say that he thinks the woman is right.
B. To say that he still does not like wearing uniforms.
C. To make a point about wearing uniforms.
D. To co
ect the woman about the uniforms.
B. READING AND WRITING: (80 marks) I- Read the passage carefully and then answer the following questions. (20 marks)
Perhaps it was his own lack of adequate schooling that inspired Horace Mann to work so hard for the important reforms in education that he accomplished. While he was still a boy, his father and older
others died, and he became responsible for supporting his family. Like most of the children in his town, he attended school only two or three months a year. Later, with the help of several teachers, he was able to study law and become a member of the Massachusetts bar, but he never forgot those early struggles.
While serving in the Massachusetts legislature, he signed a historic education bill that set up a state board of education. Without regret, he gave up his successful legal practice and political career to become the first secretary of the board. There he exercised an enormous influence during the critical period of reconstruction that
ought into existence the American graded elementary school as a substitute for the older district school system. Under his leadership, the cu
iculum was restructured, the school year was increased to a minimum of six months, and mandatory schooling was extended to age sixteen. Other important reforms included the establishment of state normal schools for teacher training, institutes for inservice teacher education, and lyceums for adult education. He was also instrumental in improving salaries for teachers and creating school li
Mann’s ideas about school reform were developed and distributed in twelve annual reports to the state of Massachusetts that he wrote during his tenure as secretary of education. Considered quite radical at the time, the Massachusetts reforms later served as a model for the nation. Mann was recognized as the father of public education.
During his lifetime, Horace Mann worked tirelessly to extend educational opportunities to agrarian families and the children of poor laborers. In one of his last speeches he summed up his philosophy of education and life: “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” Surely, his own life was an example of that philosophy.
1. What does the sentence “…but he never forgot those early struggles.” in the first paragraph tell you about Horace Mann’s early childhood?
2. In the passage, how many Mann’s careers are mentioned? What are they?
3. What is the second paragraph mainly about?
4. Was Horace Mann’s influence on American education great?
5. What is Horace Mann’s philosophy?

II- Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use only one word in each space. (20 marks)
used – loss – means – even – suffer – especially – harmful – proof – warning – too
Millions of people are using cell phones today. In many places, it is actually considered unusual not to use one. In many countries, cell phones are very popular with young people. They find that the phones are more than a (1) ______ of communication – having a mobile phone shows that they are cool and connected.
The explosion in mobile phone use around the world has made some health professionals wo
ied. Some doctors are concerned that in the future many people may (2) ______ health problems from the use of mobile phones. In England, there has been a serious dabate about this issue. Mobile phone companies are wo
ied about the negative publicity of such ideas. They say that there is no (3) ______ that mobile phones are bad for your health. On the other hand, medical studies have shown changes in the
ain cells of some people who use mobile phones. Signs of change in the tissues of the
ain and head can be detected with modern scanning equipment. In one case, a traveling salesman had to retire at young age because of serious memory (4) ______. He couldn’t remember (5) ______ simple tasks. He would often forget the name of his own son. This man (6) ______ to talk on his mobile phone for about six hours a day, every day of his working week, for a couple of years. His family doctor blamed his mobile phone use, but his employer’s doctor didn’t agree.
What is it that makes mobile phones potentially (7) ______? The answer is radiation. High-tech machines can detect very small amounts of radiation, but they say the amount is (8) ______ small to wo
y about. As the discussion about their safety continues, it appears that it’s best to use mobile phones less often. Use your regular phone if you want to talk for a long time. Use your mobile phone only when you really need it. Mobile phones can be very useful and convenient, (9) ______ in emergencies. In the future, mobile phones may have a (10) ______ label that says they are bad for your health. So for now, it’s wise not to use your mobile phone too often.

III- Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use only one word in each space. (20 marks)
improperly – as – unpaid – retailers – dependent – factory – estimate – produce – goods – about
Child workers, some as young as 10, have been found working in a textile (1) ______ in conditions described as close to slavery to (2) ______ clothes that appear destined for one of the major high street (3) ______.
Speaking to a British newspaper, the children described long hours of (4) ______ work and threats and beatings. The company said it was unaware that clothing intended for its stores had been (5) ______ outsourced to a sweatshop that used child labour. It further announced it had withdrawn the garments involved until it had investigated the alleged
eaches of the ethical code it imposed on manufacturers three years ago.
The discovery of these children working in appalling conditions in the Shahpur Jat area of Delhi has renewed concerns (6) ______ the outsourcing by some large retail chains of their garment production to India, recognized by the United Nations (7) ______ one of the world’s hot spots for child labour. According to one (8) ______, over 20 percent of India’s economy is (9) ______ on children, which comes to a total of 55 million youngsters under 14 working.
Consumers in the West should not only be demanding answers from retailers about how their (10) ______ are produced but also should be looking into their consciences at how they spend their money and whether cheap prices in the West are worth the suffering caused to so many children.
IV- Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be co
ect. (20 marks)
1. It is essential that cancer is diagnosed and treated as early as possible in order to assure a successful cure.
                                         A          B                              C                                         D

2. Since lighting was probably significant in the formation of life, understanding it might help us to understanding life itself.
                                   A                                                                               B                                 C                      D

3. Some underground water is enough safe to drink, but all surface water must be treated.
         A                                          B                         C                                             D
4. Chemical engineering is based on the principles of physics, chemists, and mathematics.
                                                    A             B                              C                     D
5. Computers are often used to control, adjustment, and co
ect complex industrial operations. 
                                  A                               B                    C                        D
6. The University of Wisconsin was the first school to do a serious effort to teach students public administration. 
                                                         A                  B                                C                                      D
7. The wooden fence su
ounded the factory is beginning to deteriorate from rain.
                A                     B                                  C                                     D
8. Because it was structurally unsafe and too expensive to repair, the 75-years-old building had to be demolished. 
                                           A                    B                                           C                                              D
9. Commercial honey is heated and filtered in order to stabilize and clarify itself.
             A                                           B                           C                          D
10. Many of the important products obtained from trees, one of the most important is wood pulp, which is used in paper-making.
           A                                             B                                      C                                                                         D

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